With all the power in Emily’s hands, how is it that Jef managed to reject her?

Jef Holm and Emily Maynard respect their families too much to use a fantasy suite on The Bachelorette 2012. What’s interesting is that Holm rejected it even before Emily did.

The date started out with the pair going on a boat for a ride into the middle of the ocean. When they talked, Holm reassured Maynard about his family liking her. His parents are still skeptical, he said, but after talking to his siblings they really want to meet her. Which seems like damning her with faint praise, even though it’s a logical answer. It’s like, “hey, they figure you might not be a serial killer after all!”

As talk went to parents, Jef asked if Emily thought he’d be a good parent. The answer in a nutshell? Yes. A big, enthusiastic “yes.”

But Jef also said he really wants to meet Rikki to know that they can work, which at first made me frown (was he assuming they wouldn’t?) but … actually, it was sweet. Because, even though Emily likes him, it’s important that Rikki also like her future step-father.

Turns out, not meeting Rikki yet was a huge worry of Jef’s. And hey, who could blame him?

During dinner, he asked questions of Emily.

First up: Where do you want to live?

“I really love the idea of starting a whole new life somewhere else.” She said he didn’t have to go to Charlotte, and she’s open to moving to SLC. (Come on, she wanted to go to that amazing ranch.) She said she’d move anywhere he was and she’d be happy. Because Jef said he was just as open, I was okay with this answer. Although, if they do end up engaged I bet you his family will pressure them to all move to SLC. Not even out of trying to be controlling, it just seems like the Holms are a very close family and they wouldn’t want Jef or his new family to be somewhere else.

Secondly, Jef asked: Why do you think you haven’t had success with men in the past?

Hey! Her response involved that she’d dated guys where, on paper, they were great. But the “spark” wasn’t there. Maybe throwing Emily into a room full of guys to see which she could have a magnetic pull towards wasn’t such a bad idea.

Lastly, Jef wanted to know: Did Emily think Jef would be a good Dad for Rikki?

“I think about that a lot,” Emily replied. And Emily said when she pictured herself with a man, she pictured Jef there.

The card for the fantasy suite arrived from Chris. Jef said it would be “awesome” to spend some time there. He said that he knew her daughter, his family, and her family would all be watching this… and “there’s a time and a place”… so he did decide to forgo that option.

“I knew that you would be such a gentleman,” Emily said. They decided they’d still use the key, but he wouldn’t stay the night.

So they could have still slept together before he left the room for the night. Let’s be honest about that. Who do they think they’re fooling? However, unlike with Sean, Emily didn’t change any clothes so I highly doubt they did anything sexual in that room.

“Right now is a time for us to bridle these passions,” Jef told the camera. “Bridle” Jef, really? Unusual word choice.

Jef was given a rose, and will be one of the two men who proposes to Emily.

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