Check out this recap of The Bachelorette 2012 date between Emily Maynard and Chris in episode 3!

Chris was ready for his date with Emily Maynard, even when he heard what he’d have to do to earn it! Before they would share a romantic dinner looking over the skyline of Charlotte, they had to scale up a building together. (Hey, it was the place with the best view!) And hey, it was thundering the whole while. This didn’t help the fact that Emily was scared of this challenge. But Chris was there to help her… and admire how “unbelievable” she looked in a harness. (Werk it, covergirl!)

The metaphor here, for Emily, was about having a man who would stand by her side in both good and bad. She was also trying not to “cry like a baby.” (Girl, do it, it’s scary!) I felt really, sincerely bad for her when the thunder started and they were only halfway up (with a curious crowd watching from below.)

They did make it to the top, and Emily felt that Chris was a “calming presence.” She thanked him for not ditching her, but I think it would have been hilarious if the guy was showing off or so scared that the climbed up ahead of her like a cartoon character.

Once they were at the top of the building, it was still storming. And I just kept thinking.. is it SAFE for them to be up there with all that top-of-the-building stuff when it’s lightening? Yikes.

emily maynard

Emily confessed that Chris is so cute (even for a 25-year-old, which scared her) that she’d be afraid to approach him in a bar. And it’s true, he’s a cutie. But he countered that she would definitely catch his eye.

At the end of the evening (and after getting a rose), country singer Luke Bryan (they call him a country music star, and maybe he is? I don’t know much country aside from Taylor Swift, which is country pop…) played for them. Apparently he’s another one of Emily’s favorite musical acts.

Chris isn’t big on making first moves (it’s a lot of pressure!) so even when Emily was giving him “kiss me eyes” he still asked for her permission before kissing her. I love that he’s respectful, and hope he gets more comfortable around her (and all the cameras, country stars, etc) with time.

What do you think of Emily and Chris?