We don’t expect that you made it through the three hour finale of The Bachelorette 2012. So here’s a recap of the good and bad that happened with Emily and Jef.

jef holm

The Negative’s

ABC thinks they have enough material between Emily, Arie and Jef to give us a three hour finale. Dear Lord. It’s a Sunday night.

Emily was still in Caru… see, that place that I can’t type. Carusu?

Even in talking about how in love he is, Jef Holm exhibits almost no emotion. ROBOT JEF.

How do I say this… Emily got the best physical genes in the family next to her brother, Ernie. Also, why would you give a kid such an unfortunate name!?

The “I’ll be the man who will fight for your honor” song was cheesy, as was the montage. And I do love me a good montage, really!

The Positive’s

A kind mention to Aurora, Colorado during the live show.

We got to see cute little Ricki (not Ricky), and we knew she was going to meet both of the guys.

Emily’s Mom, Suzy, really grilled Jef. And Suzy was as protective about her granddaughter as she was about her daughter. I won’t even mention how her dress was too short.

During the family meal with Jef, Emily wore a really great, casual, ombre purple dress and flower necklace. This was probably my favorite look on her from her entire Bachelorette journey.

“The Odd Life of Timothy Green” had a promo that aired during the first hour. This looks like a really great family movie with bonus Jennifer Garner!

Ricki seemed to like Jef, and he was good with her. She even asked if Ricki could come back the next day.

Jef drew in a book, making it a bit more of a scrap book for him and Emily.

Emily’s peachy proposal dress (it billowed in the wind as she paced! I want a billowy dress like that!) and proposal setting was very pretty. Though I can’t say it was as elaborate as others have been… Shrug.

Jef’s proposal was sweet, and I was glad Emily did accept the proposal.

Ricki ran out to see her Mom and Jef after the proposal.

Jef is taking Emily to Africa, and then moving to a separate apartment in Charlotte.
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