The Emily Maynard, Arie Luyendyk Jr and Cassie Lambert triangle of doom has made us suspicious.

Emily Maynard and Arie Luyendyk Jr. had a tense date in Prague for The Bachelorette 2012.

The deal with Arie is that he’s cute AND sweet (not to mention a possessive kisser), meaning he’s my favorite. Emily was his tour guide for the day, and she wore bespangled, scalloped fancy shorts and cowgirl boots. … There are no words. Who wears that? Who even wears that in America? Uh. Anyway, they had hot wine (ew?), kissed, walked around… it was all sweet until Emily mentioned to the camera that she knew one of his secrets and had been lording this knowledge over him the entire day. Why play the games? But play she did.

The deal was that Arie had a relationship with one of the producers on the show, Cassie Lambert. And Cassie let Emily know about it. The show even decided to exploit some of it (“in the interest of full disclosure”) by showing what Emily looked like when she got the news from Cassie. Emily was immediately paranoid and suspicious about why Arie never shared this information.But Cassie downplayed it, not wanting Emily to freak out about the entire situation.

So, deciding to set up a GIRL TRAP (if you’re a girl, you know what these are and you’ve probably set your fair share), Emily sat him down in Prague and casually asked, “Do you feel like you’re really open with me?” (Trap, trap, trap!) She also asked, “Do you think you’re trustworthy?” And listen, he failed. He failed so badly that I could hear her cackling in her head about how she’d gotten him. Emily kept dropping hints, waiting for him to admit this whole Cassie thing. What he eventually admitted was that he’d once had a tattoo of a girl’s name on himself, but had it then covered up. That wasn’t exactly the intel Emily had been searching for.

Conveniently, when Emily, Arie, and Cassie did take the cat out of the bag, the conversation somehow ended up off camera. Which seems so, so unusual for a production where cameras are everywhere, ALL the time. What Chris Harrison told us is that the pair resolved things, by Arie saying the relationship was so long ago he didn’t think it affected them. So, the juiciest, most interesting part of the entire season didn’t make it on camera!

And seriously, who didn’t want to see that confrontation? That’s why we watch reality TV. We don’t want the scripted stuff as much as we want to see real emotions!

Sure, maybe Arie should have told Emily about the relationship. At this point, who cares. The interesting thing is why (allegedly) none of this was filmed, and what kind of weird event happened to make them probably decide not to air it on camera. If Arie had flipped out, they probably would have shown it. But the person they protect is the star – Emily, so my gut feeling is that Emily probably yelled and screamed and ended up looking unstable and crazy.

You don’t have to be a bloodhound to smell that there’s more to the story than what ABC viewers were given.

Emily and Arie’s date continued, and Arie dropped the L word.

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