I’m sure you know that the Bachelorette for 2011 is Ashley Hebert from The Bachelor 2011. And you probably remember her a little, she was likeable and sweet. Now she’s ready to find a love all her own. Of course, we know that journey is never easy.

ashley hebert

The bachelors included: a winemaker, a guy with a kid named “Cozy”, a fourth generation butcher from Jersey, cell phone salesman, a guy who allegedly came on the show just to promote his job, a chef, a single dad, a solar energy executive, a dentist….

Sucking up: “All I’ve got to say is Brad’s loss is my gain.” Amen to that.

Fast moves: “I have something to give you from all the men in America.” Then the guy moved in for a kiss, rather than a slap. This is a callback to Chantal and Brad Womack.

My instant crush: A Lawyer named West. He gave her a compass that was broken and stuck on “West.”

Masked ambition: An entrepreneur named Jeff kept a mask on. It was creepy. He said, “You cover up half of your face and all of a sudden…you’re strange.”

Sparkly dress: The dress Ashley Hebert was a nude, beaded dress by Randi Rahm.

Floss it: One of the guys tied pink dental floss around her finger.

Dax Shepard look-alike: Well, picture him brunette. Named Ben F. And as a winemaker from Sonoma.

Mama’s Boy: One of the guys, Matt, called his Mom up while he sat with Ashley. She seemed more interested in the Mom than him. Especially when she reminded them to use protection in the fantasy suite.

Guitar time: One of the men pretended to play the guitar, then threw it into the pool. He didn’t really play.

Drunkfaced: Tim was drunk. Then fell asleep and snored, and was sent home. Bad husband material, bad!

Cupcake crush: Ashley admitted that the man she marries she hopes will call her “cupcake.”

Spoiler alert: It looks like Ashley falls for Bently, but he doesn’t end up liking her.