Ben F. (Dax Shepard), Constantine (Sleepy Eyes), Ames (Smarty McSmartpants or Harry Connick Jr.), and J.P. are now left vying for Ashley Hebert’s heart. And that brings us to the hometown dates on The Bachelorette 2011. Let’s recap the highlights, shall we?


Mama Bear

Constantine’s Mom Elleni took Ashley aside to talk. An interesting issue came up when the Mom wanted to know if Ashley was willing to move there. Ashley gave a diplomatic answer about it’s who you’re with that’s important, not where. But Brad and Emily had problems when neither wanted to move… and the Mom seems rude to assume that Ashley’s the one who’s going to move, no?

Throwing Benjamin’s

When the entire Greek family danced (reminding me of so many Full House episodes that highlighted Uncle Jesse’s heritage) Constsantine’s Dad threw money at everyone. I’ve googled “Greeks throwing money while dancing” but it doesn’t seem to be a typical thing. Ergo, it was weird.

Turtle Troubles

Ames’ big sister asked how Ashley felt, and she admitted that their relationship is moving slower than the others. Ouch. Ashley also brought that up with Jane (Ames’ Mom). Double ouch. To the camera Ashley admitted there’s no spark or passion.

Skater Boi

J.P. set up a skating date which was nostalgic and romantic and amazing.

Biggest lie of the night: Ashley said she had no regrets. You know that Bentley wrecked her.

Not given a rose: Ames (Awww. He looked truly baffled. But he was too smart for her.She’s not dumb, he’s just really smart.)

Overall, this was a pretty boring episode without any drama. And I cannot tell who Ashley might pick, or who I even want her to pick. This isn’t a good sign. And Ace of Base says you always have to see the sign to open up your heart. So, I’m worried for Ashley.

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