Well guys, as this is my first true season of watching The Bachelorette, I am wondering if all seasons are this crazy. I mean. Poor Ashley Hebert! Then again…she’s kind of her own worst enemy. Last night on The Bachelorette we had two hours of Hong Kong, roller coasters, and of Ashley saying the word “closure.” This reaffirmed one thing to me: Ashley does not have closure (but she wants it, desperately. And I want some gum, desperately. We don’t all get what we want.)

The Bachelorette 2011: Recap Highlights of Episode 6

Bentley is IN the Building

Well, the show got Bentley back. Interestingly, there was no camera time with just Bentley – and I would have liked to hear what he had to say about coming back. But, finally, Ashley seemed to get wise to him when she saw that Bentley wasn’t giving her any answers, had no real intentions for her, and could have called her but preferred the free “vacay.” While our villain didn’t really own up to anything, Ashley came away from that meeting certain that she was no longer hung up on him. We’ve never seen Chris or anyone (aside from Michelle Money, off screen) affect anything by way of telling Ashley the truth, and that’s bugged me. It’s not like this is a wildlife documentary you can’t interfere with! But I think that this time, someone did talk to Ashley the morning she talked with Bentley. (Who, while acting like he didn’t care was touching her thigh and being all cuddly. Guh-ross.)

Confessing Sins

Ashley confessed the whole Bentley debacle to J.P. He took it well, and I was glad. This episode made me really like him. Oh, J.P., you’re so innocent. Your heart is going to get CRUSHED.

Dazed and Confused

I want to confront something… I started off this season liking Ashley, and then feeling bad for her. But I also kind of dislike her because she’s being so blind to so many things. You just want to reach through the TV screen and shake some sense into that girl. One of the reasons the guys had a right to feel upset is that Ashley has been almost acting like her and Bentley’d had a mini relationship and he was actually her most recent ex-boyfriend, and all these guys were her rebound options. In fact, she almost seemed to feel like she was cheating on Bentley when she was with the other guys. When Ashley told all of the guys that Bentley had been around, some were upset and some were VERY upset. Mickey actually decided to leave. (Well, he told Ashley not to give him a rose and she said if that’s how he felt, he needed to leave of his own accord.) Aside from J.P., I think Ames took it the best. He was hurt, but he wasn’t furious or anything. And he was eloquent about it all, telling Ashley that fairytales aren’t simple, even if we’d like them to be. I would really love to see this intelligent Ames as the next Bachelor, as I don’t think he’ll end up with Ashley.

It’s Like, Fate

I’m not sure how, but this episode had Ashley and just about every other guy coincidentally mentioning how they believe in fate and things happening for a reason. Is that the last ditch card people say when they’re worried? Maybe. Between soundbites on fate, how (wherever they are) is the perfect place to fall in love, and Ashley talking about how she has had closure with Bentley, there could be some nice little Youtube video remixes to be made. Just sayin’.

Chris Harrison

I’ve heard Jimmy Kimmel tell Chris that he really doesn’t have much of a job on the show other than going “this is the last rose.” Not so for this season. Chris is always having little chats with Ashley, and she really needs him. I mean, what this insecure lady needs is a whole entourage of gay BFFs around her for this process, but at least Chris is compassionate.

Bye Bye Blake

In the end, it was Blake who was sent home. I had no problem with that. He was a little gracious…but also a little smarmy. I never trusted his face. It seems like he had very small teeth, and always looked like he was on the verge of breaking out in acne. The last thing Ashley needs is a pre-teen shark boy for a husband, so sending Blake home was a good idea.

The promo for the rest of the season has much more drama, and it LOOKS like Ashley picks out a final guy and he turns her down?! NOOOOO.

You’re reading Small Screen Scoop, come back next week for more talk on The Bachelorette 2011. Consider this us giving you a rose.