Last night on The Bachelorette 2011, we found ourselves (well, not our actual selves, that would have been too awesome for words) in Fiji. The final three bachelor contenders at the start of this episode are Ben, Constantine, and JP.

Have I Seen You Before?

Our first highlight comes to us in the form of Ryan, who was previously rejected by Ashley but decided that a dramatic gesture might convince her to give him a second chance. The poor schmuck. As you might be able to guess, she didn’t have any change of heart in regards to him.

I (Don’t) Wanna Hold Your Hand

Ashley and Constantine didn’t have any sparks in Fiji. (How’s that for tourism promo, yikes.) Fiji was the breaking point. “I don’t feel like you wanna hold my hand or be around me all the time,” Ashley admitted. And rather than ease her fears, Constantine agreed with her that it was the case. Boom, another man down.

Sunday is for Scorned Lovers

This Sunday is the episode of “The Men Tell All” which means we get more Bentley.

Proposal Pangs

The Bachelorette 2011 finale is next Monday, and it looks like there’s some drama based on the promos. Ashley is crying, wearing her proposal dress? I can’t wait.

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