William may not be on The Bachelorette 2011 for the right reasons. When given the opportunity he seems to have chosen work over potential love.

ashley hebert

While some of the bachelor’s like Ames described having to roast Ashley in front of a sold out house as one of the most “traumatic” things they’ve everĀ  had to do, Cell phone salesman William from Galloway, Ohio was eager to do it. Don’t forget, William already had a one on one date with Ashley, and it went very well. But when William came back to the house he picked a moment to brag about it in front of everyone in a distasteful way. And in week 3 of The Bachelorette 2011, there was more reason to hate on William. (And yes, to hate on Bentley, too.) But a lot of the dislike hurled at Bentley should be saved to realize that William was also a jerk.

William said, “This is what I’ve been waiting to do my entire life.” Was he talking about falling in love and meeting the woman of his dreams? Nope! “I’ve always wanted to be a comedian. So this is a huge opportunity for me. I get a couple minutes on the stage and I need to use it to my fullest advantage. If I can impress Jeffrey Ross, it could open up the doors for me to do my dream. You know, do a roast with Ashley tonight, and then roast some famous celebrity in a couple months, we’ll see what happens.” Sure, because it only takes a couple months to rocket to superstardom.

“I really want to make Ashley laugh, but I may make her cry. …It’s ruthless tonight. My opportunity to be real with Ashley? Oh, I’m gonna be real.”

And “be real” he did, when he told her in public that he’d been hoping it would be Chantal or Emily, and then Ashley’s here. Really, who gives a f*$k.” He also called her “trash” and “used.” Rather than consider her feelings, William went for anything that would potentially impress Ross. But who was giving out the roses?

Ashley went off to cry, while William laughed and defended his actions.

Surprisingly, Ashley ended up giving a rose to William at final rose ceremony. Possibly because she was feeling delusional after Bentley also played her. One man played her behind her back, and another is being blatantly insensitive right to her face. What’s worse?