Last night on The Bachelorette 2011, Ashley Hebert and some of the  men went to the always decadent Las Vegas.

ashley hebert

The Bachelorette 2011 Highlights for Week 2:

Almost Married: Playing along for a fake wedding on their first date, William actually goes through with an “I Do” when asked the big question.

Job Description: William explains that he brings communication to people for his job. What does he do? He’s a cell phone salesman.

The Villain: Bentley admits to the camera that he’s in this for the competition, and nothing else. He says she’s not his type, then goes after her anyway. He also thought their kiss was boring. And he ended up getting a rose. What’s interesting is that the producers will not interfere (it makes for good TV), and Ashley is drawn to the one guy there who is vocal about not being into her at all. He has a cocky attitude (probably read as confidence by Ashley) and is aggressive –  and that’s what she ends up liking most. It’s so frustrating to watch her get conned.

Zorro and the Hawk: A voiceover of the masked man was interspersed with video footage of a bird of prey (seemed like a hawk.)

Aww-worthy: Mickey said, “I hope this is the last first date I ever go on.”

Seconds away: Only seconds away of taking his mask off, Zorro gets interrupted. Why didn’t he take it off before he left?

Brag it: William decided to brag to the other guys about what he got to do in Las Vegas. Ugh. Take away his rose.

Mamma’s Boy: Matt called his Mom at 4 a.m. to tell her he wasn’t picked, not getting married, and needed her to pick him up from the airport, give him lots of love, and make him French Toast. Yea, she probably made the right call with this one.