It was time for a Bachelorette 2011 reunion for Ashley and Ben. If you recall, Ben is the guy who proposed to her and she turned down. Oooh, snap.

Ashley came out and hugged Ben right away. Her hair looked darker, and she looked pretty gorgeous. Meanwhile, Ben looked a bit like a downtrodden puppy.

The first thing he said? “Um… nice ring.” He was joking, but it was clear he had a bit of bitterness left in his mouth.. However, he had some serious stuff to say, too. ” I think my biggest question is …when did you make your decision? At what point did you know?

Ashley was annoyingly vague. “In the end, it gets to a point where you just have to follow your heart and that’s what I did.” She added,”I never thought that the day I would get engaged would be so gut-wrenching.”

The host, Chris, said to Ben, “I still get the impression that you’re a bit angry.” Ashley said in the moment she was surprised by Ben’s anger, but watching it back she understood.

Was there anything Ben could have done differently along the way? Ashley said no, that he just wasn’t the right guy for her.

But is there hope for Ben? Sure. Of love, Ben said, “Everybody wants to feel it. And I’d like to feel it again.”

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