Bentley’s rank intentions on The Bachelorette left a stink that drove Ashley and the men halfway across the world for a fresh start. While Ashley could have spent time making Bentley-shaped voodoo dolls (with bad hair), she (mostly) embraced the guys who were left.

The Bachelorette 2011: Highlights of Week 4

A Sad Story

Even while in Phuket, Thailand Ashley takes time to reminisce about how much she’d liked Bentley. If shes’ watching these episodes as they air (and she almost certainly is) then she’s probably wincing a lot. Or even hiring a hit man. Who could blame her? I thought this would be just one dramatic interlude (her voiceover as she walks all alone on the beach) but these voiceover thoughts didn’t stop throughout all of her dates. And then she was talking about him at the end…and she’d bring it up…and man, if I didn’t trust that Ashley wasn’t a jerk I’d think she was asked to pine over him like this for show ratings.


Our man Constantine saved his date from disaster and it was so nice we wrote a whole post about it.


Ames likened Ashley to a piece of fruit when he said all the guys were going after the same piece of fruit. Just what every bachelorette wants to hear. Can I be a Mango? (If you get the SNL reference I’m making, then I adore you.)

Ryan the Apprentice

When the group date went to help fix up an orphanage, Ryan got on the guys nerves by acting like their boss and telling them what to do. It made me think I was watching The Apprentice. Which is weird, because I refuse to watch that show until Donald Trump does something about his hair situation.


He easily manufactures quoteable gems like: “Love is always uncharted territory,” and “You go into a tiny little cave that can barely afford the width of the sea kayak and then the caves we’re going in are twisting and turning and it’s really as mysterious as it gets.Navigating these beautiful caves is exactly like navigating a relationship. Around every corner you really don’t know what to expect, but often there’s something beautiful.” Plus, he asked interesting questions like, “What’s an intangible quality you look for in someone?”

Give Your Best Charlie Sheen

When told that he’s grating on the nerves of the other guys, Ryan gets defensive (without losing his terrifying smile or borderline manic attitude.) “Okay, you can’t hang with the fact that I’m freaking happy a lot? I’m sorry. I’m sorry I’m not grumpy.” Then he brought up people in war and it was kind of a …it was weird. He then twisted it around into a speech about how life is a gift…and it made me think he’d be a great Cult leader with the way he can manipulate something.

Dot Dot Dot

Because Bentley ended things by saying he wanted a dot, dot, dot and not a period, Ashley couldn’t stop thinking about Bentley.  He’s still a villain, for the show even after he’s gone. I started this highlight recap with words about Bentley, and just like Ashley, this is where I end things. On Bentley. Who looked like a gremlin.