On The Bachelorette 2011 there’s just six guys left, but after a frustrating season and a break during the July 4th holiday, I’m not feeling as invested in watching the show right now. Who’s with me? I mean, we can’t miss an episode (God, no!) but I tuned in to Monday night’s episode with low expectations. But, true to form, the show gave us another example of the kind of date you never want to have.

Even though this is the first official season of The Bachelorette that I’ve technically/officially watched, I feel pretty secure in saying that this is one of the first seasons where The Bachelorette seemed to have very little power. I mean, I feel bad for Ashley all the time, even though this is supposed a dream situation for the bachelorete/bachelorette. Poor Ashley Hebert, she’s been royally screwed for a good chunk of this experience.

Ben F. is Perfect

The  goofy winemaker from Sonoma gets my vote because he looks and acts like a brunette version of Dax Shepard. Too bad Ashley doesn’t remind me of Kristen Bell. The two had a very nice one on one date, riding mopeds and walking through a market.

Just Call me Angel of the Morning

J.P. was irritated that Ben’s date lasted until the morning. He was swearing, grouching, generally being pissed off… it was awesome. I like seeing that the guys do have real feelings. When Ben returned, he said nothing physical happened and they did not share a room.

Wedding Photos

The group date consisted of Ashley taking wedding photos with the guys.There were three different themes. My favorite was the fairytale-esque theme with Ames. But the date seemed kind of lackluster when Ashley had to keep remind the guys to smile, she came across like a harpy, nagging fishwife or something. Which is ironic, when the guys actually were all just jealous of the others, rather than lacking in emotions.  All of these planned dates are awful.

Normally, doing something about a wedding is a bad idea because it’ll scare a guy (or girl) off. But this time it was a horrible idea because of the flaming jealousy that everyone has. And jealousy really isn’t attractive.

Ryan Emotes

It seems like Ryan is being set up to be the next Bachelor. When Ashley unexpectedly sent him home before the rose ceremony because she “wasn’t feeling it” he was trying to talk to the camera for a taped bit but kept getting so emotional that he’d walk off and try to compose himself. It was sweet to see a man have that exposed, raw emotion.

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