Three roses, five women. It was a big rose ceremony tonight on The Bachelor 2012.

All of the women were hoping Courtney would go home. As she rambled, she told the ladies that Ben wasn’t the only guy in the world, and that they should all stop being so somber.

As the rest of the women were serious, Courtney talked in a baby voice. She makes Paris Hilton sound mature.

Before the rose ceremony began, Ben pulled Courtney aside. He asked her if she was in this for real. Courtney said the girls were jerks and it’s been hard for her. “I think we can make each other really happy in life,” she told Ben. “I don’t want you to question me at all. I’ve been nothing but honest and open.” She skipped back in place. Emily and Kacie looked happy, hoping Ben wouldn’t pick her.

Kacie already had a rose. He called out Nicki, then Lindzi. It was between Rachel, Emily and Courtney. It would have been a vote of sanity for Ben to pick the real, smart, and intelligent Emily. It was a vote for superficiality if he picked Courtney. So what did bachelor Ben do?

The rose went to Courtney. And she was nothing but smug about it.

Rachel and Emily went home.

Rachel wished him good luck, and told the cameras that she felt very rejected. “It’s another disappointment. I’m really tired of being disappointed.” As she cried, she hid her face behind her hands.

“See ya, wouldn’t wanna be ya,” Courtney snidely remarked to Emily. “I’m kind of in disbelief,” Em said. “Ben deserves someone who’s honest. … I just hope there’s enough time left for Ben to see who she really is.” She shed a tear. So she wasn’t just upset that Courtney won over her, but that definietly still annoyed her. As it should. Ben, why are you so blind? Why oh why?

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