With the the Bachelor Pad kissing contest and drama between Blake and Melissa, then Holly and Michael – my head was in pain last night.

Kiss Till it Hurts: The 2nd Annual Bachelor Pad Kissing Contest arrived! Holly said, “All the guys kissed like Grandma’s.” That is, until Blake came up. Michael said it was, “kind of a nightmare.” And Blake ended up giving really good kisses to all of the women. Erica thought she was doing so well, but people thought she was sloppy. Meanwhile, the worst male to kiss was Kasey because of his breathe. The man and the woman who won, had an overwhelming majority of votes. And the winners? Ella and Blake.

100%: Erica massaged Blake and tried to convince him to partner up with her. She said she’d do whatever he wanted, 100%. But when it came to picking a date, Blake didn’t pick Erica or Melissa. He went for Holly! Gasp! Betrayal! Aaah! Melissa got so upset she told the producers they should disqualify him for being such a jerk.

Guilty: Michael stayed up all night, jealous of Holly being on a date with Blake. He wants what he can’t have, and he tried to guilt Holly about it.

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