There’s no excuse for dressing in a way where you basically appear naked, especially if you know you’re going to be on network TV. WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN. But seriously. What about the children? Was that top even legal? (Read on to see where the top comes into play.)

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‘The Bachelor’ 2014 Recap – Nikki Ferrel and Juan Pablo in Miami

Nikki received the second date card of the Miami episode. She complains that she thinks it’ll be another dancing date, pretending to be so embarrassed and humble. “I thought I paid my dancing dues in Korea,” she squealed. Meanwhile, CHELSIE IS NOT GETTING ANY TIME. And she’s so cool! Like, can I just freaking marry her? (Well, or be besties?)

For the date, it was time to visit Camilla’s dance recital. Wow. So…he’s letting Nikki meet his daughter. And his parents. And his ex-wife, Carla. SO. Yea. That’s not intimidating.

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Clearly annoyed that this date was going to be lame, Nikki pretended that she was speechless due to excitement. BUT I COULD SEE THROUGH THAT.

As we saw this dance recital, I could only think about what happens when all these kids grow up and hate that this is available on YouTube.

Interestingly, we didn’t hear Nikki say anything about meeting Carla, the ex-wife.

The only happy thing about this date was knowing that Nikki could rub it in Clare’s face. Na na na.

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Juan Pablo then took Nikki to his Marlin’s office. Meaning he must really like her to give her all this personal stuff. For this date, Nikki wore a backless, deep V-neck halter top that must have had a lot of “boob tape” employed, cause there was no bra under that business. That would have looked slutty enough as it is, but she paired it with a SUPER short skirt. Ugh. Get real, Nikki. What example is that or CAMEEYEEEYA?

At the rose ceremony…Juan Pablo called Nikki FIRST. So he’s going to meet her family.

What do you think about that? And what do you think Nikki thought when she heard the other girls saying what a mistake Juan Pablo had made during the rose ceremony, when he eliminated someone other than Nikki?

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