Many of these women wore enviable dresses, and we’re talking about them ALL!

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The Worst Dresses on The Bachelor 2014 Premiere

Pink and clingy from Cassandra. A Morena Baccarin look-a-like.

Christine wore a strapless emerald green mermaid dress, with her long Portia de Rossi blonde hair down one side of her neck like Veronica Lake. She reminds us of Jewel.

Kat wore a long red gown, with Yvonne Strahovski’s nose. She can salsa dance, which is a plus for Juan.

Though weirdly false-pregnant, we liked Clare in her flowy magenta gown. She certainly made an impact.

Andi had a very simple navy blue dress, but somehow the simplicity and ombre hair all worked with her sweet charm to win us over immediately.

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Chelsie wore a one-shoulder silver gown with a fabulous texture. She did a science experience with Juan. Maybe she was a little over-enthusiastic, but she’s a front-runer.

Sharleen had a lavender dress with a high neckline…and Juan Pablo even complimented it. It had pleating, and it was very elegant. It matched her opera-singing personality, that’s for sure.

Alli in a white and metallic dress and soccer shoes…she was spirited and that dress was amazing on her.

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Nikki wore a black dress with silver sparkles all over, it was a bit edgy.

Maggie in her red dress was unique and romantic. The gift of a fishing hook was…kind of romantic, too.

Kelly brought her dog, Molly, and her figure was so gorgeous it was almost unfair that she wore such a form-fitting red dress.

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