With “regret and sadness” Chris Harrison had to tell us that The Bachelor has failed again, Brad and Emily have broken up. …Old news, man! This ABC special was an interview between Chris and Emily. And it started much like Emily’s experience on The Bachelor began.

“Please welcome back, Emily”

A black town car (limo? who cares) pulled up from just a few feet away and Emily came out.


This was my night, people.

Emily was teary and bleary-eyed from the minute she sat down. She was without Brad and I wondered why. Well, after a particularly long commercial break the show let us know why Brad wasn’t there. Brad apparently gave his blessing for Emily to talk there, he was also invited but didn’t want to appear.

She said she didn’t like being followed to the grocery store every day, trying to explain to her son why people were taking their pictures. Apparently this interview was supposed to put a cap on the paparazzi bothering her, although it’s hard to say if it’ll satisfy anyone or make the story feel revived. Do you feel more or less interested in Brad and Emily now?

Emily Maynard Quotes:

If you want to know why Brad and Emily broke up, you’ll have to glean it from what Emily says (and read in-between the lines)…

“We’re not engaged anymore, but he’s… sorry. But he’s always gonna be a huge part of my life. … I think for so long we left the dot dot dot. And I feel bad that it’s taken us this long to let everybody know.”

“I’ll always be in love with Brad. No one will ever hear me say a bad word about him. Nor will I tolerate anyone else saying a bad thing about him.”

“The day that Brad proposed to me was one of the happiest days I can remember.”

“Little red flags would come up in our relationship. And I came to a point where I said I have to be honest with myself.”

“I didn’t doubt that we loved each other.”