It’s time to explore what happens the night that ‘The Bachelor’ airs in households across the country, and he day after the first rose ceremony.

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Clare Crawley will score the first 1-on-1 date with Juan Pablo. Photo: ABC

The Bachelor Behind the Scenes 2014 Recap

Many girls stay, and with great hope…

The women can feel the power of the house, where people have met the love of their life. I guess they’re unaware these halls are also haunted by hysterical women driven mad with jealousy.

These creatures (women) show their happiness by throwing their arms upwards and yell out “Juan Pablo,” their potential suitor’s name…

As always…

“Hi, I’m Chris Harrison…and you may know me from The Bachelor 1,2,3,4,5,6,.. The Bachelorette 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6….” People who watch this show, know you, Harrison. You don’t have to introduce yourself. I think people salivate at seeing you.

Juan Pablo crashed Bachelor viewing parties, because heart attacks are funny on camera. The reactions? “Aaaaahhhh, squeal, oh my goooood.” There were tears, dancing, and a lot of flurried movements. All for one man, that none of them can have. He’s just the dream. The dream of a handsome, wealthy, amazing man. Yes, cause there are PLENTY of those out there in America right now. On reality shows. You can only find them on reality shows. And they’re usually jerks. SO. Hopes? Go down!

Camila is the main girl on the show

The first 1-on-1 date is Clare. Claire? Hm. No. Clare Crawley. (LADY CRAWLEY!) I utilized Google, fancy that. The date will have snow and skating. First, Camilla gets to see the snow. Camilla is basically a perfect, adorable child who talks about surprise chocolate. Juan and Camila make tiny, fat Snowman busts that look like they’ve melted.

The Girls who were sent home said…

Kylie Lewis was devastated, even though she knew it was an option to go home. “To think of how many girls got to stay, makes me wonder what he didn’t see in me…” Kind of heart-breaking to hear.

Amy’s reaction shows her broken down, crying, pimply faced, acting like a victim of war. You’d think she was suffering a hardcore breakup instead of just a potential date.

Lacy Faddoul said she was “so consumed” which made no sense. “I need to find time to like, find a man.” Perhaps ‘The Bachelor’ should provide counselors for these women who can tell them that they don’t need a man in their life to complete themselves, and that they’re still worthy of love, etc.

Girls who stayed said…

Victoria Lima (married at 18, eloped, cheated on) says her problem with dating is that guys think she’s too pretty.

Lucy Aragon doesn’t brush her hair, paint her nails…but she does walk around naked. She likes to spray herself with a hose, while standing naked. But will Juan Pablo like a naked woman walking around Camila?

Elise Mosca is a first grade teacher who lost her Mother. After her Mother’s passing, Elise found a letter her Mother had written, wanting her to be on ‘The Bachelor.’

Amy Long seems a little inauthentic, and she’s a news reporter. Or maybe she’s not. If she’s not, her bit with the microphone, interviewing her family members, was pretty nutty.

Clare Crawley is part Mexican, and the youngest of six girls. She loved her Dad, but she lost him to brain cancer. There are a LOT of sad stories on ‘The Bachelor’ 2014 this season. Before her Dad passed, he made a DVD for her future husband to watch. Clare says she has never seen it. Will they try to exploit this on ‘The Bachelor’? Probably.

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