There was a plethora of ladies that we met on The Bachelor 2015 this week. And I’m here to remind you of every cute and cringeworthy moment.

chris soules

Chris Soules / The Bachelor 2015 / Photo: ABC

The Bachelor 2015 Ladies

My Favs

Whitney the Fertility Nurse – My reigning favorite! You can’t fake sweetness that real. She has a cute personality.

Britt the Waitress – (Disclaimer, I didn’t like her at first.) She seems …like, uh, a little TOO into hugs. She gave such an overly emotional hug to Chris that it weirded me out, and I wasn’t the one experiencing it. STILL. The benefit of the doubt is going to her. Even though the “free hug” coupon was so dumb. Especially when she said, “You have to promise me you’ll come find me, and I’ll explain it.” How much explaining does a piece of paper that says “Free Hug from Britt” need? Well… later, she explained it in a very sweet way about what a wife is, to her mind. So. Yea. Okay. I freaking like her now. I’m not surprised that she got the first impression rose. In fact, I’m glad she did.

The Good-ish

Becca the Chiropractic Assistant – Chris really likes her. Yup.

Carly the Cruise Ship Singer – Okay, it was super cute in some ways. I liked the 50’s vibe of her deal. But in other ways, it was cringeworthy because there was audio feedback.

Nikki the Cheerleader – So pretty. Not sure if I love people who go “Literally just flew here from Peru!” because…I’m jealous. Hah. But her dress was one of my favorites – all nude colored and long with sparkles.

Tandra the Executive Assistant – Riding a Motorcycle on a gown is pretty fierce. Chris hitting the horn on it…was adorable.

Kelsey the Counselor – I like her upbeat personality a lot. And I think he liked her a lot.

Ashley the Journalist – I really dig her AND her amazing hair.

Nicole – Red hair. Seemed smart. Those are the only notes I have.


Megan the Make-Up Artist – She seems a tiny bit dim, and I’m not sure why Chris was the most blown away by her, specifically, as being beautiful. I guess he likes blondes. (EH.)

Mackenzie the dental assistant – She’s…you know, fine? I really want to dye her hair dark, so it makes all of her facial features pop. Seems bland, even though she also seems sweet. Bleet? Can I just make up a word? BLEEEET. (Bleat IS a word, though, right?)

The Questionable

Trina the Special Ed Teacher – Ugh. I really hated the way her hair was styled. I hated it so much that it makes me dislike her. (Which is totally insane, but MAYBE it’s my intuition…) Her intro went really well, however. I SHALL note that.

Jillian the body builder – She’s not a real body builder, but … Also, she’s NOT going to move away from her big city job. So this seems doomed from the start.

The Weird

Ashley S. the Hair Stylist – She looked so glamorous as she stepped out of the limo. But that look of beauty and wonderment was just her being lost. Is her face botoxed? She got tipsy and talked about onions. Which was hilarious. “Take a freaking look at the onion. Seriously, I’m not even kidding.” Good job, Ashley. Good. Job. Is she gonna run through a sunflower field with Chris?

Kaitlyn the Dance Instructor – “You can plow the f*&* out of my field, any day.” Jesus. Her attitude and personality is so wrong for Chris, AND wrong for … like, I find her VERY annoying. SCOFF SCOFF SCOFF. Go away, Kaitlyn. She MUST know her personality is so awful, right? Her and her sexual walrus jokes.

Reegan aka Heart Organ Girl – No. Just. NO. Why would you do that? No. At least have a stuffed animal type heart, not a replica… that’s just, ew. I think part of it was how she said she had a “fun” job where she “SELLS” human tissue. There’s gotta be a way to phrase that where it doesn’t sound so creepy. Is anyone eager to date those selling human body parts? Just asking. Cause I have this one friend who can never get a date… “If it’s a pomegranate, then God bless it. Wow. I feel powerful.”

Brittany – In lingerie. With a #soulesmates poster. NEXT.

Tara – I think she was brave for coming in with her jean shorts and cowboy boots. She stood out, so people were confused and judgmental. However. Then she got crazy. She was taking too much attention, wanting her second first impression. I’m not sure if it was cool or weird. I’m VERY on the fence. Now, how cool would it have been if she pretended to be twins the entire season? That would have made this season VERY entertaining.

Amanda the ballet teacher – Does she think that he’ll not notice the only girl he didn’t meet out of the limo? She seems…dumb? Like, she wants to be with this guy, but admits she lives at home and doesn’t want to cook. Her eyes ARE huge. And her dress was…yuckaslerjwaklr. Not a fan.

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