We’re here to give you the highlights of the latest episode of ‘The Bachelor’ 2014 with Juan Pablo. Here’s a highlight: a lot of the girls didn’t care what he said, they just locked in on his accent like homing pigeons.

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The Bachelor 2014 Recap – Premiere Highlights – January 7

The Bachelor Recap 2014 Highlight #1

The staging of the “introduction” packets for different girls was so cheesy and exploitative that they became difficult to watch. We watched as women looked at wedding dresses they didn’t get to wear, pictures of dead relatives, and other minor-to-major tragedies.

The Bachelor Recap 2014 Highlight #2

Right away, it was easy to pick favorites out of the crop of potential crazies. And if it’s so easy for us to tell who’s beautiful and has a great personality right away, doesn’t it seem crazy to even pretend Juan Pablo would be picking some of the ones who were obviously let in because they would add drama and flavor to the show?

The Bachelor Recap 2014 Highlight #3

One of the best limo introductions ever had to have been when nurse Nikki Ferrell used a stethoscope to let Juan Pablo hear how nervous she was. It was an intimate moment without too much cheesiness.

The Bachelor Recap 2014 Highlight #4

Instead of just mingling…Juan Pablo insisted upon a dance party, and a photo booth. It let people loosen up, and see their true characters. (Especially when alcohol comes into play.) No clue on whether this was Juan’s original idea, or if the producer’s cooked it up to add to the excitement of “Juan Pablo for Best Male Specimen Ever!”

The Bachelor Recap 2014 Highlight #5

Crazy “was engaged, then dumped” girl (Lauren H.) broke down, and focused more on talking about herself to the fellow ladies than to Juan Pablo. But without getting drunk, would the producers be happy? Well, crazy wasn’t happy because when she saw she hadn’t gotten a rose, she put two fingers up under her chin, casually (subconsciously?) flicking off Juan Pablo.

The Bachelor Recap 2014 Highlight #6

Sharleen Joynt, who at first seemed possibly too snobby, revealed she was more likeable, and ended up getting the first impression rose from Juan Pablo. At the same time, she was saying the connection felt a little forced, and she wasn’t as into him as he was into her. Ouch. Was he just impressed by her life credentials of Germany, opera, blah blah? Her response of, “Sure, yes. Thank you sir,” was hilarious. Juan Pablo was suddenly feeling rejected, and got condescending towards her. It was comedic.

The Bachelor Recap 2014 Highlight #7

Kylie Lewis stepped forward when Juan called for Kat. Talk about a nightmare. Three roses left, would she get one to further clash with her pink dress and red hair?! No.

The Bachelor Recap 2014 Highlight #8

At the very end, we saw another moment from when Sean Lowe talked with Juan Pablo. They both appeared shirtless, and Lowe revealed that:”Once you’re The Bachelor, it just happens.”

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