Though both Andi Dorfman and Clare Crawley are beautiful women on ‘The Bachelor’ 2014, they do have a big difference… find out what that is, below.

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Andi Dorman and Juan Pablo. Photo: ABC

‘The Bachelor’ 2014 Andi Dorfman and Juan Pablo Date Recap

As Andi Dorfman took off for her one-on-one date with Juan Pablo, one of the other girls says, “This is getting real real. Man, their insights are DEEP.

Andi and Juan Pablo look very casual J-Crew chic (lots of plaid and chinos) as they wander the SUPER LUSH AND GREEN New Zealand hills. A fast boat ride tours the area, and that area looks like it’s out of a fairytale. Seriously, I’m so on board for New Zealand living. You KNOW I’m about to go on my Pinterest and create a whole board about it. Anyway, they finally find their destination. A place called “the squeeze,” if I am hearing Juan Pablo right. And it starts raining. And…it’s time to go swimming. Everything is eerie and damp and dark and looks like a good scene from a supernatural thriller movie. I can’t even appreciate Juan Pablo’s abs, because I’m so intrigued about where they are going as they walk through a tight area lined with rocks. (A crevasse?) Andi lets us know that it’s freezing, adn they have to push through the mossy rocks of a narrow passageway. I’ll admit that I’d be nervous.

But, they find a hot waterfall and they kiss directly under the falls, almost like it was a PLANNED image. Hurr. The music swells, and all is happy in the land!

Note: They are in Rotorua, New Zealand. Get thee to Pinterest!

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For dinner, the pair bundle up with wine and sit on a geyser. Juan Pablo says the date has been amazing, and I wonder if he’s going to make a metaphor about waiting for their first date and waiting for the geyer erupt. Eventually, it does erupt. But there are no similar “erruptions” in a symbolic way, otherwise. Andi ain’t no CLARE.

Andi talks about love in a really sweet way, about how she wants a love that, if she has that, everything else is okay – a bad job, etc.

Juan Pablo reassures Andi that he wants love, and Bachelor Nation roars with laughter.

Lucky for Andi, Juan Pablo has a rose hidden in his jacket, and he gives it to her, along with a kiss. (GASP, what will his daughter think?)

“It’s so ironic to be standing next to a geyser, because our chemistry is exploding!” THERE WE GO, ANDI. I knew that was coming.