How important are appearances in the face (PUN) of imminent handsomeness?

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Juan Pablo surprised the girls on ‘The Bachelor’ 2014 last night, but showing up to make them a Venezualan breakfast. As you might have guessed, this meant it was early in the morning when he stopped by. The girls were still waking up, but no one was ready for the day, yet.

The first woman we saw was Kelly Travis, who had to take Molly outside. (It’s not fair she gets her dog with her, there’s probably a million other girls who have dogs they would have loved there. And they would have been the opposite of nasty Kelly.  Molly should stay and Kelly should’ve gotten the boot immediately.) Kelly told the camera how she wasn’t about to let any man see her without “her face on” and she rushes past an opportunity for alone-time with Juan Pablo, covering her face as she runs upstairs.

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What would you have done? Would you have sacrificed an imperfect face to show that you aren’t uptight, and bond with Juan Pablo right away? Or would you have felt equally as self-conscious and rushed upstairs to put make-up on before seeing him again?

‘The Bachelor’ 2014 Poll Question: Make Yourself Up or Not?

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now, go on and have an amazing day – you deserve to.

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(It is probably clear where I land on this subject. Let me do a little PSA to say that once I started to break my pattern of “” (even to the gym) I realized how freeing it was, and how much no one noticed or cared as much as I thought they would. I wasn’t banished from establishments! Gasp. I also made the switch from liquid foundation to mineral powder foundation, and saw I could have a much lighter, non-heavy/greasy face and still have the same look. Ladies, I urge you to FREE YOUR FACE.)

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