Forget the avid “swimmer” Juan Pablo, it’s New Zealand that’s gorgeous! Last night, ‘The Bachelor’ had an unusual format of eliminating one of the women… and she was so sweet that it seemed sad to see her go…

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Everything’s prettier in New Zealand. Photo: Instagram

‘The Bachelor’ 2014, Episode 6 TV Recap of the Group Date

The group date card arrives and says, “Let Love Roll.” It is revealed that Clare will then have the next one-on-one. Clare acts all fake surprised and like she wasn’t ready to kill someone if she didn’t get it. Gross.

By the end of this date, one of the women WILL BE SENT HOME. Yikes.

The women arrive in a large GREEN field, where a large blanket is spread out, and there are cows in fields, etc. (I’d ditch Juan Pablo to go pet the cow.)

It’s Cassandra’s 22nd birthday. And she’s “very hopeful for a fairytale ending. I think it’s possible.” She’s beautiful, but SNOOZE.

There’s only five people on this group date, which is surprisingly small. I guess we really have widdled the group down a bit.

Rather quickly, Kat steals him away for a moment. They make duck calls, and upset the poor cows.

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As the women are guided over the hill, they see giant, plastic hamster balls (Uggo? Ogo? OGO – outdoor gravity ball, or zorbing) that roll down a hill with a person inside of it. Suddenly, the biking’s are on in full force. (It’s not a Bachelor group date unless we have bikini’s.) I’ll be honest, these human-sized hamster balls look like a LOT of fun. I also love that the people have to dive into the balls like they’re a dolphin or seal.

Because you’re legally not allowed to go to New Zealand without mentioning ‘Lord of the Rings’, the group date goes to Hobbiton. It’s adorable, and Sharleen is especially excited (making her so much more likeable than she’s been yet.)

Renee and Juan Pablo have some time, and she spends it talking about how her and CASSANDRA bonded. Way to waste your time, girlfriend. Juan Pablo must think Renee is a great kisser, because, otherwise, they have no chemistry.

Next up is Nikki, who is wearing a pretty fun mini skirt. She decides to tell Juan Pablo that she’s falling for him, and how she’s scared and such. He inspects the hair around her ear, and listens OH-SO thoughtfully. They swap some spit, and it’s on to the next!

Kat asks the girls if there’s a different in getting a group date rose vs one-on-one roses. Chelsie says that the rose tonight will really be important. Sharleen agrees. “At this point, if you go home…it’s somewhat personal.” …Good point.

Luckily, Sharleen gets her time with Juan Pablo next. He’s kind of ignored her recently…but goes right in for the kiss without any conversation. And Sharleen isn’t as into it. They stumble over the phrase of, “cut to the chase,” and then Sharleen re-directs them back into conversation. She asks Juan Pablo what he thinks SHE’S feeling and he repeats what Nikki just said that SHE’S feeling (i.e. “really good but scared.”) HA. Oh, man.

Like any good cult leader, Juan Pablo massages her face and tells he to enjoy the moment, to live this, to not question anything. And then…more kissing. So I guess Renee isn’t the best kisser after all.

Birthday girl, Cassandra, finally gets a moment alone with her quasi-boyfriend. They have a boring conversation. Is she the one who deserves the rose at the end of the night?

Nope, it’s Sharleen Joynt for the win!

Juan Pablo pulls Cassandra aside…dun dun dun. This becomes a drawn-out conversation where Juan Pablo is telling her that she’s being sent home. First he tells her how she’s gorgeous and funny and nice… He doesn’t think they are in the same chapter of life. And he also doesn’t want her to wait any longer to see her son. He knows, already, that he would send her home at the rose ceremony. So, at least that’s kind of nice to warn her as soon as he’s made his choice. But the life chapter stuff is awkward, they’re both young, single parents. That sounds like pretty similar chapters. Either way, she’s going home. The connection just wasn’t there. At least she got to see New Zealand hobbit homes?

With Cassandra already gone, the women without roses have good reason to be nervous. But that final rose ceremony comes later.

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