You know you can’t resist sharing thoughts about what some of those women had the gall to wear on The Bachelor last night! Luckily, I had some very strong opinions that I can share with you. I also, as usual, was able to suss out many celebrity look-a-like’s.

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The Worst Dresses on The Bachelor 2014 Premiere

Kylie Lewis with the red (A Beth Riesgraf AND Ashley Tisdale look-a-like) hair wore a 16 year old’s idea of a perfect prom dress. It clashsed with her hair, too.

Christy wore too many accessories, and a revealing, cheap-looking white tiered halter dress that was wrinkled. Somehow, she still scored a rose.

Piano girl (Lauren, who didn’t say her name – so Juan Pablo ran in to get it right then and there) had a rocky start, but her black mermaid gown was classic and gorgeous.

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Victoria from Brazil is beautiful, but we weren’t jiving on her animal-print, plastic-looking, neon yellow dress.

Lucy went barefoot, and wore a flower garland. It’s not that it was ugly, but that her whole look seemed very childish and young.

Danielle was lovely, but the black ombre on her dress wasn’t working for us. It looked like a heavy dress that burdened one of her arms, too.

Valerie wore a dress with cut-out panels of sheerness…and cowgirl boots. It just wasn’t working.

Amy J wore a pyrite dress and a 90’s hairstyle appropriate for an extra on Friends.

Lauren J’s spray tan wore HER.

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