Was Nina Dobrev secretly on The Bachelor? More inside!

Sweet-faced Sarah got the first date card. Sean Lowe picked her up in a helicopter, but that was just the first part. Later, they had a 35 foot drop down to where they had a champagne toast. Nothing says “we’re in this together” like holding each other for dear life.

Later, at a romantic dinner Sarah told a story about being in Vegas and trying to go zip lining but being told she wasn’t allowed to because of her disability (one arm). Sean was tearing up, it’s possible he was crying. But don’t lose sight of the fact that the producers probably planned this all on purpose. Still, it was sweet that Sarah was so happy that Sean never questioned whether she could or couldn’t do the zip lining. Of course, I would have been like, I’VE BEEN THROUGH ENOUGH, SON! Mostly because I don’t want to jump off buildings.

A group date to “capture the romance” was planned. Tierra was ready to “kick some butt out” so she could have Sean to herself. Those quotes seem so innocent, but this girl is cray.

Sarah said she felt like she was falling in love with Sean. They kissed, but it was their first kiss. Love, Sarah? Don’t be glamored so fast, you can’t be in love after one date.

For the group date, they are posing for covers of Harlequin romance books. That means sexy and cheesy, which I’m positive these girls can do. At least the cheesy part. There were four categories: Cowgirls. Vampires. Sexy. Historical.

the bachelor selma


Robyn and her make-up artist took issue with Tierra being tacky and fake. Both of which I agree with.
Lesley M. made a great impression on Sean. Kristy had a particularly sexy shoot. She won, and got a three book cover deal. Selma had a shoot where she reminded me of Katherine Pierce (Nina Dobrev) on The Vampire Diaries. (She didn’t have the vampire part, she was a historical Southern Belle.) And I want to say that Selma actually has a similar face shape, hair style, and skin tone to Dobrev, so the picture really is eerily familiar to me.

Sean sat Lesley Down in a dark room for an interrogation. He wanted to know why she was really there. She guffawed and admitted, under torture, it was for love. He kept trying to find a time to kiss her, but she kept changing the conversation to a joke. She seems too goofy for him, though likeable in general. I phased out to look at Twitter, and I believe Lesley chased him down for a kiss while he was with another girl. Even though she said she was a slow Southern girl, she got aggressive. Well, right on. This is what not enough girls know, The Bachelor is a war with roses and kisses!

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Kacie Boguskie seemed sweet with Ben Flajnik. This time around she seems kind of desperate and awkward. The deal is, she’d met him and they’d done a few events together. She has a crush on him, so she’s here now. But he’s shocked that she’s there. He didn’t see her romantically, apparently. But Sean is too nice to just send her away. But it seems like they have no chemistry and he’ll have to do it eventually. I could be wrong, but I also know that I’m not becuase I know she isn’t in the final four. SO. Poor girl. And you never want to be known as “that poor girl” on The Bachelor. Cringe.

Kacie B. got the rose from the group date cocktail party thinger.

Desiree got a date card that said “love is priceless.” He decided to test her humor by pranking her with The Bachelor Art exhibit. Basically, they made Desiree think she broke one of the sculptures. It’s like Punk’D. Remember how Sean made Emily think he lived in his parents house? He likes to prank people. However, he pulled the plug on the prank pretty fast. But at least she did laugh about it and was a good sport. Then they ended up having a great first date, both admitting it didn’t feel like a first date at all due to how comfortable they felt.

Jamie of the poofy hair decided she didn’t want to chase Sean. She felt like the “odd duck” in the group. Telling Sean it was not the right setting for her, she eliminated herself for the chance at his love.

He and Lindsay connected well. Robyn wanted to know if he was attracted to black females. He gave an eloquent answer and that hopefully puts that conversation to rest. As far as I can see, Sean is the first bachelor to have any black women in his season after the first eliminations.

We do have to talk about one girl now. It’s Amanda. Amanda wore a yellow dress and was not responsive to anyone. At all. The girls thought it was very weird, because it was. Amanda wouldn’t talk, and she just pouted. She was probably plotting their deaths. She did end up getting a rose, though. Whatever her crazy story is, we’ll see it eventually.

No one shocking was eliminated, which means we sat through a really long rose ceremony with no dramatic payoff.

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