The final rose ceremony took place in Thailand, and brought one girl from crybaby status to devil-eyed.

sean lowe

Here’s what you need to know:

They were in Thailand. And there were cute monkeys. And also chicks. Which were in neon colors…which does not happen naturally and, yes, PETA should be made aware of this.

All three of the women had dates with Mr. Sean Lowe. And all three of them had reservations about going to the fantasy suite. But after Sean reassured them about what kind of guy he was, they all took the card and went for it.

On the Sean front, he wasn’t fairing so well. See, the sun is harsh! And though it was raining a lot in Thailand, Sean had become incredibly sunburnt. As his skin turns red, his blonde hair is bleached lighter…and his eyebrows have all but disappeared. I couldn’t stop noticing this. Oh, and his abs. I saw his abs a lot, because he doesn’t wear shirts most of the time.

On his date with Lindsay Yenter, they went to a marketplace and she had to eat bugs. (Gross.) On his date with AshLee Frazier, she had to swim with him through a dark cave. On his date with Catherine Giudici….they jumped into the ocean from a boat. Yea.

But in the end, AshLee got the boot. And she was mad. More than mad, pissed. She fumed, but said nothing to Sean. And the angrier she looked, the uglier she looked. I, for one, am happy to know he’ll end up with Lindsay or Catherine, as they’re both sweet and nice. (And I do know who he ends up with, and am very glad with that choice, though very surprised.)

Next week: The women tell all! (And half of what they say might not even be true.)

Do you guys think AshLee looked so mad because she was so heartbroken, or was she really just more mad and embarrassed than upset?