From two long hours of awkward pauses and daggers for eyes, there’s really only five big bombshells that dropped. And below we recap them for you.


Photo: ABC. Tierra doesn’t get why everyone is so mad at her. Or obsessed with her eyebrow. OR doubts her sparkle!

The Bachelor 2013: Women Tell all Recap

Blameless, mysteriously engaged Tierra

Tierra LiCausi the “innocent victim” has no regrets. “”Off the top of my head, no. There’s nothing that I can say to apologize for because there’s nothing that I feel that I did to these girls intentionally or that I said bad about them,” she said. She is also not sure why anyone cares about her eyebrow. And, she has a fiancee who gave her a huge engagement ring. When asked when they got engaged, she said “no comment.” She then related and said in January, which was about three months after she’d left Sean.


AshLee Frazier said that Sean told her he had no feelings for the other two women. What she said to him was, “Why did you say you had absolutely no feelings for them? Sean denies this.

Another Reason to Dislike AshLee

AshLee also called Sean out for not coming after her to see if she was okay. Whilst saying this, she brought up traditional gender roles and seemed like a feminist nightmare.

Who will be the next Bachelorette 2013?

On Twitter, Sarah and Desiree are both fan-favorites to become the next Bachelorette.

Why was AshLee booted?

Sean Lowe explained why he let AshLee go home without a rose. He got a chance to explain it directly to AshLee and said, “Honestly, going into that day, I’ve never been more stressed out because I knew I was gonna break your heart, I knew that’s the last thing I wanted to do. From day one, you were my frontrunner. When I pictured my life with someone, it was usually you because everything seemed to match up with,” but when it came down to it, Lowe said, “There were times that I felt like I couldn’t find that laughter with you.”

Do you think AshLee or Sean is lying about saying he didn’t care for either of the other girls?