By now, you and the rest of the world knows that former Bachelor Sean Lowe picked Catherine Giudici to propose to at the end of his run as McAbs on ABC’s Monday nights. But what we don’t know is whether you’re happy about it.


See, usually we have a favorite pick. And we can usually tell who was the fan favorite. But this time? Totally split down the middle. In fact, even Sean didn’t seem to know who he was going to propose to up until the morning of the proposal!

And in the aftermath of the second hour (which featured the choice) fans seemed to be evenly split about whether they were overjoyed with Sean or (and we’re not kidding – this was on twitter and found as our writer Jessica Rae was curating tweets forĀ  Sidecastr) wanted to stab him!

So, we trust you guys to give us your Tuesday morning reaction. Have you simmered down? Are you still upset? Still pleasantly pleased? We’ll even include an option in the poll for those of you who just couldn’t care less…though we’re not sure why you’d be reading this…


Are you happy with who Sean Lowe picked?React: Sean Lowe picked Catherine Giudici over Lindsay Yenter. How does this make you FEEL?