Looking for spoilers on The Bachelor: Women Tell All special? Then this is the right place.

Image courtesy of ABC / Francisco Roman

The first thing you should be relieved about is that Courtney Robertson is going to get a talkin’ to. She’s evil (or evil-ish) and the other women want her to know they weren’t fooled. Shes’ definitely going to be in the hot seat. And E! is reporting that while the other girls might cry a bit, Courtney definitely does.

Blakely Shea confirmed that Courtney Robertson will be crying, but it might not be for real. “I don’t know if she’s just saying I’m sorry because she wants America not to hate her, or if she’s genuinely sorry.”

Emily O’Brien, who never believed in Courtney (especially after an apology that was returned right to her face) said that, “Tonight her apology sounded great, very endearing. But Emily then added, “But at the same time, I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop.”

Nicki Sterling agreed enough to say, “Her tears did seem pretty heartfelt on stage. Do I buy it 100 percent? Not yet.”

The surprise factor is that Kacie Boguskie (who recently on the show had returned just to tell Ben Flajnik that Courtney was all wrong for him) is now endorsing her. “Her coming back tonight said a lot. It’s hard to come back into the firing range and be up for those questions,” she said.

Will you buy Courtney Robertson’s apology on The Bachelor 2012 The Women Tell All? Don’t miss it tonight on ABC!