If you’re a champion of Ben and Lindzi on The Bachelor, this is the piece for you.

lindzi the bachelor 2012

Personally, I would pick Lindzi simply because she mentioned how she’ll always have horses in her life and her husband will too. Who doesn’t love that?! That would be an easy way to bribe me into picking a husband, because horses are awesome. Sadly, Ben isn’t as big a sucker for horses as I. And really, she doesn’t need the horses.

I started to love Lindzi a lot in this recent Hometown episode of The Bachelor 2012. She’s a natural beauty, has great simple style as a girl next door…she’s essentially a perfect romantic comedy leading lady like a Rachel McAdams, Emma Stone or Drew Barrymore. (Or a Katherine Heigl before she started sucking all the fun out of life.)

Lindzi talked about how she wasn’t sure if she’d find love on the show, and you could tell that she really did fall for Ben as a person, and not the concept of love and marriage in general. It was their personalities that fit together, not their circumstances. You can’t say the same for Courtney Robertson. If anything, it’s seemed like she’s gone for him just because he’s this new flavor of “nice guy” that she hasn’t tried.

Her parents were really great, and their entire home environment was amazing. They did seem fairly rich, did you notice? They had that big house, large expanses of land, what appeared to be their own horses… and how can you forget those adorable Jack Russell terriers? It was picture perfect. As for the parents personalities, they seemed like they had great capacity for humor, and that they fully supported their daughter. They were warm, and they were probably my favorite set of parents from the entire night.

Tune in to The Bachelor 2012 on Monday to see who Ben Flajnik gets engaged to.