The Bachelor starts off week 2 with 18 ladies, and a trip to Sonoma, California. Kacie B. and Courtney get one on one dates, but what’s more interesting is the first big group date.

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If you missed the first week of The Bachelor you can read about it here!

Twelve bachelorettes meet Ben Flajnik at a local park for the first group date of the season. Ben reveals that the women will audition for and perform in a community play. But this dramatic showcase was written by children. The women are called upon individually to perform a series of embarrassing impersonations for Ben and the children. After casting the women in roles ranging from a princess to a weasel, Ben drops another bombshell: the performance will take place that night in front of a live audience.

One anxious bachelorette flubs her lines, but recovers nicely and steals the show and a kiss from Ben. When the 12 ladies join Ben at a posh poolside after party at a hotel, Blakeley lures him into a steamy make out session, much to the horror of the other women. Samantha is so disturbed at this shameless ploy for Ben’s attention that she escapes to the bathroom in tears, on “The Bachelor,” MONDAY, JANUARY 9 (8:00-10:01 p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/RON KOEBERER)

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ben flajnik

Ben Flajnik is a winemaker from Sonoma, Cali.

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Ben says he’s been in love three times, counting Ashley Herbert.

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Ben loves scotch and Jack Russel Terriers (he owns one.)