Oh, we have that wrong. What happens at the rose ceremony doesn’t stay at the rose ceremony. In fact, what happens at the rose ceremony on The Bachelor is always filmed, edited and shown to the world to dissect. And of all rose ceremonies not to miss, this week of The Bachelor had the best one ever. We’re talking drama out the wahzoo.

I'm too sane for this show.

The producers knew that Emily was afraid of heights, so she was selected for a one-on-one date with Ben where they first had to climb up the Bay Bridge in San Fransisco. Emily managed to do it, and the two kissed more than once during the process – for strength! Emily seems like she might be too sane for this TV show.

Brittney sent herself home and it seems unclear why, other than the situation was overwhelming. She was the contestant who had her Grandma come with her the first night. She otherwise left no impression with me.

Lindzi (she who rose in on a horse) then got a one-on-one date where Matt Nathanson performed inside City Hall. There were other components to this date, ice cream, trolleys, piano playing… it was quite a bit.

During the group date, Ben had “the women” (which he says about 50 times every episode) ski down a street in San Fransisco. It was on his “leap list” he explains. Which seems to be the same thing as a bucket list, except you pretend you’re not dying quite as soon. Without The Bachelor, it seems that Ben otherwise would have been out of luck in getting to ski the streets. You know, because it doesn’t snow there.

Shawntel Newton from Brad Womack‘s season showed up to try and earn a rose from Ben Flajnik. She was not successful.

Courtney the model was the first to receive a rose. She acted like she wasn’t even going to accept it at first, saying in a meaningful voice that the night had been “a lot.” Oh brother. But Ben is entranced by her because she’s pretty, and she’s pretty, and she’s pretty. (To him, not to me.) He’s so vulnerable when it comes to Courtney that it’s making him look like Ashley Hebert and Bentley all over again. Too bad no one texted him to say “Hey, you’re getting played, boi!” It looks like Emily the sane one actually does tell him this in the next episode. What do you bet that he then kicks her off the show?

During the rose ceremony, there there three women left (Jaclyn, Erika and Shawntel.) Ben wanted to talk to them all, but the spotlight was stolen by Erika who basically fainted. When everything was fine again (although Shawntel Newton was stewing, Jaclyn was crying and Erika was trying to keep her balance) Ben revealed he would be giving the final rose to no one. That meant those three were going home.

I personally think he liked Shawntel and would have liked her to stay, but he was afraid of all the other women being mad at him. So, we’re a few steps closer to having Ben make a horrible life decision! Yay.