We’ll tell you who to pay attention to, and even who gets the first kiss. Keep reading!

When Ben Flajnik proposed to The Bachelorette 2011 – Ashley Hebert – he was shot down and heartbroken. Now, he’s back and ready to face 25 ladies who all want to vie for his heart. Like Lindzi (pictured above) who loves riding horses so much that she’s brought one to meet Ben. Just don’t confuse Lindzi with Lyndsie (seriously, the two spellings of this name weren’t annoying enough, parents had to get even more “creative” about it?) who is originally from London.

In the premiere, Ben will greet each lady on her own. Emily will be his first kiss (during these first meets) – right after she sanitizes them both! (She’s a germaphoboe epidemiologist.)

There’s also Lindzie, who rides up on her horse. Making plenty of women wonder why she deserves Ben when she’s already got a frickin’ horse.

There’s even a 72-year-old woman. But, fear not. She’s not an advanced cougar. She’s the grandmother of Brittney, simply there to make the introduction.(Uh, how very Victorian?)

Once everyone has been introduced and is inside the mansion, more madness ensues. Ben is challenged to a soccer game, forced to do push-ups, is treated to a rap, and is feed candy while blindfolded. Because these are the ways to win a man. Take note.

The lady who wins him over to get the first impression rose is… Lindzie! The horse girl! Not that she looks like a horse. But since nicknames are important to use in a show full of so many women, she might be stuck with that one.

Seven women are eliminated in the premiere. Nineteen stay for the next phase.

The Bachelor 2012 is the 16th edition of this ABC Series. The Bachelor 2012 premiere airs on Monday, January 2 at 8:00-10:01pm ET.