Tonight The Bachelor‘s Ben Flajnik goes to visit the hometowns of Nicki Sterling, Kacie Boguskie, Courtney Robertson (apparently she wasn’t just hatched) and Lindzi Cox. Take a look at the pictures from inside these different hometown dates.

First up we’ll discuss Courtney Robertson. Perhaps it’s because she is a real-life model, but these photos of the couple look very staged and without real emotion behind the face –  proving that sometimes picture perfect is too much.

Ben has meanwhile taken the time to wear purple plaid and a bow tie. This is unusual…

courtney robertson ben flajnik

…but perhaps not as unusual as staging a fake wedding.

A lovely picnic with Ben is not complete unless there’s wine. “What do you mean this isn’t from my vineyard, don’t you support me?!” (Is not what he said.)

Kissy, kissy smoochy smoochies. Well, one kiss won’t kill us.

But how long will the PDA go on? (Really though, this looks like the same kiss from another angle.)

Next up is Nicki Sterling. She’s skated by as being pretty and wonderful but a tad unmemorable because Ben hasn’t warmed up to her as much as he thinks he should. That’s why she’s still around. But if he can’t commit and know she’s right for him, he better not put her through more pain.

God, she does look cute and fun and happy, though. Is she available for BFF slots?

Nicki can wear the cowboy hat, no problem. There’s something wrong about Ben in this hat, though…

And here’s Kacie, who is so dear and beloved and maybe so earnest that Ben is put off by it?

We can see that SHE looks happy, but what about him?

No photos of the Lindzi Cox date are available.They’re all probably with Ben and Lindzi on horses. This isn’t to say horses aren’t cool (are you kidding?!) but that we don’t know much else about Lindzi aside from her horse-love.

Make sure to let us know who you think Ben SHOULD pick as his wife! Which date here looked like the most fun?