Horse-loving Lindzi Cox was invited for the first one-on-one date with Ben Flajnik in tropical Belize. He showed up looking handsome in a white tank, blue plaid swim trunks and … sandals? Normally I’m not into guys showing off their toes, but Ben seems like even his toes would be adorable. I’m not saying I’d TOUCH them, but I’d let them be out in the open. And that’s a big step.

lindzi coxEmily was jealous, and compared Ben to cheesecake. God, I haven’t had cheesecake in a long time. (Don’t read more into this than you should.)

Ben and Lindzi went in a helicopter and flew over the beautiful waters. They went to a special spot called “The Blue Hole” which was surrounded by a coral reef. The pair (Lindzi in a precious black and white bikini, aww) jumped out of the helicopter into the 400 feet hole of water. Lindzi was nervous, but Ben told her it was “one hell of a way to conquer your fear of heights.” He gave her a kiss for strength and that was enough. This time it wasn’t Ben, it was Lindzi who was making the challenge into a metaphor for a relationship. “He’s worth the fall,” she said. “Holy sh#t balls, I jumped out of a helicopter. That was crazy. …I had Ben there… to kiss when I landed.” And kiss they did. And Ben also made an odd monkey face.

“I feel like when I’m with Lindzi, there’s literally nothing we can’t accomplish.” Except get engaged, apparently. And Ben should have picked anyone else but who we know he picks. The other girls should have decided on just one of them, and all supported that girl and tried to have Ben pick her. And that’d be a fun twist. Inevitably Ben would fall for one of the friends, and that’d be the unexpected drama. ABC execs, are you listening to me? That is the show you need to be airing!

“I absolutely know that I’m falling in love with Ben,” Lindzi shared giddily. (This is kind of ALMOST a pun because giddy is a horse thing. So, ha.)

Arriving by boat to Coco Beach Resort, it was time for a dinner. Lindzi wore a flirty peach dress. They arrived at a pier that was lit by candles. It was gorgeous, blah blah. Naturally they only had eyes for each other.

Lindzi said she was falling in love with Ben, but fighting it a bit because, “he has five other girlfriends right now…” The slightest moment she had hesitance and it seemed like she may have lost him there. It’s as delicate as spooking a horse, Lindzi! Now that your schedule has cleared up, maybe you should write a manual to love geared towards the similarities of how you train a horse?

She didn’t have the guts to say she was in love. But she said she was “falling” for him, and she wanted to bring him home to meet her parents.

Ben ended up barefoot. She kept her heels on. That was kind of awkward. Where’d your shoes go, Ben?

The pair decided to send a message in a bottle out into the world. Which they probably needed a permit for, because you know Belize doesn’t want litter from filthy Americans!

“Ben’s my prince charming because he is a prince charming. He’s my prince charming.” She likes fairytales, guys. But I KNOW how many of you are watching Once Upon a Time – you all like fairytales!

“Tonight it’s just the water, the stars and us.” – Lindzi (Pssst. And the cameras.)

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