Although Kacie Boguskie was one of my favorite picks for who Ben Flajnik should pick on The Bachelor 2012, after the hometown dates even I have a sour aftertaste. It only goes to prove how much meeting the family can influence a potential fiancee.

Everything fell apart when Ben went to visit Kacie’s hometown.

Kacie’s parents live in the Bible Belt, and her Dad doesn’t drink at all. (Whoops, and Ben sells booze for a living, think that might be a conflict of interests?) Ben started to get nervous to meet Kacie B’s family right away. (Her Dad is also a federal probation officer or something intimidating like that.)

Once they did meet, both of Kacie’s parents had strong reservations about everything. They didn’t want her to move to California, and they didn’t believe she should ever move in with him before getting married. They were both very stern and uncompromising. Also not giving them good PR was Kacie herself, as she asserted to the camera how they liked to make her decisions for her but she wanted to be the one in charge. Could either she or her sister ever breathe in that home?!

It seemed very obvious that because of what her parents said, and the atmosphere of the date and all of the insecurities and doubts it brought up that that’s why Kacie was eliminated. Her Dad even warned Ben that if he didn’t think Kacie was the one, to tell her as soon as he could to save her pain. Maybe Ben didn’t want to take the risk, and shut it down out of fear of disrespecting her parents. He had to have known it would never be an easy ride with Kacie with her parents. I wanted so desperately for her to reassures him that they were in this together and that he could count on her… but she seemed at a loss for words when she said goodbye to him in Tennessee. The next time he saw her she was in an unflattering white bubble dress, and he sent her packing. Ouch.

Much as it might seem cruel to note, Kacie Boguskie’s parents came across as incredibly controlling, cold, and not at all supportive. Their house was the one I enjoyed watching the least. I just wanted to get out of there, and I bet Ben did too. It’s a pity for Kacie, because aside from her gun hobby, I really liked her.

When she was eliminated, Kacie put on a brave face and tried not to cry. When Ben said he was sorry and he felt heart broken, she wasn’t bitter at all to his face. She told him she didn’t want him to be heart broken, and that it was okay. But once she was alone in the limo, she was able to fall apart in “privacy.” She said, “Why does it have to hurt so bad? … I had no clue this was coming. I’m so upset. … Why am I not good enough? I loved him, I don’t know what to do now…  What the f#*k happened? What the f#*k happened?”

She deserves to be the next Bachelorette.

P.S. Kacie took Ben to a football field that was named after her Grandfather. There are streets named after some people I’m distantly related to, but no massive stadiums. Who ARE these girls and why do they all get to have horses and famous relatives? … Uh, no, I’m not jealous. Shut up!