Before you read this, make sure you’re ready to know who was eliminated on The Bachelor 2012 tonight.

The woman eliminated tonight wasn’t a huge shock, especially if you paid attention to the entire episode – set in Panama. At least all of the remaining women are getting some travel in. Granted, it’s during a super stressful experiment and some of them (like the one eliminated – name withheld until under the cut!) are really looking for love and sad when they don’t find it.

Tonight on The Bachelor, Jamie Otis was eliminated. It wasn’t inevitable, she could have been safe if only she hadn’t opened up her mouth. That probably sounds harsh, but it’s what we believe is the truth. Jamie hadn’t drawn attention to herself and she was skating by. But she never was going to end up with Ben Flajnik, because they didn’t have a connection. She’d been quiet and going under the radar.

Earlier in the episode we saw that Ben thought Jamie had been holding herself back. She was called a prude by other girls. And Ben and Jamie had still not shared a kiss.

During the final cocktail party before the rose ceremony, Jamie decided she was going to get the kiss. She certainly liked him now, and she was ready to do it. But she was possibly too nervous, or had built up the expectations too much. She had worked out the scenario in her mind, by straddling him. But she didn’t work in the idea that she was wearing a super short dress.

We have to chalk up her kissing technique to nerves, because she was trying to talk him through it like she was reading a manual. She seemed incapable of kissing him normally. She was laughing (nerves) and clumsy (alcohol or just more nerves?) It’s was sad to watch, and Ben, to his part, did his best not to make her feel embarrassed.

The clip of Jamie trying to kiss Ben will certainly be featured on The Soup, it was that good. And by good, we mean bad.