On The Bachelor tonight, it’s time to visit the hometowns of the final four women Ben Flajnik is still considering to become his wife. There’s Lindzi, Kacie B., Nicki and Courtney.

The Bachelor 2012 spoilers from around the web have revealed the following:

  • Kacie B. welcomes Ben to Clarksville, Tennesse by twirling a baton to remind him of her history in marching band and their first date. Her family has roots in the town, and a football field is even named after her grandfather. She’ll share all of the family history with him while they have a picnic.

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  • Courtney Robertson takes Ben to Scottsdale, AZ where her father likes him but mom is not so sure Courtney is really in love with Ben. Proving she’s all about marriage, Courtney will show Ben the dream destination for her wedding, and the pair will act out a real wedding ceremony.
  • Lindzi lives in Ocala, Floridia and the horses on her parents farm are there to greet Ben. As Lindzi tells Ben more about her past relationships, her parents tell Ben that shes’ really opening up more.
  • Nicki takes Ben to Fort Worth, Texas. Her father is not open to Ben, after Nicki’s painful divorce.

Who is eliminated? Sources say Kacie B!

This is episode 8 of The Bachelor 2012.