Hear from Ben himself about why he gravitates towards Lindzi Cox.

lindzi coxBen Flajnik is fond of all three of his final selections from The Bachelor 2012, but why is it that he likes (or loves?) Lindzi Cox, so much?

Words that Ben used to describe Lindzi in the Hometown date episode included “humble” and “grounded.” He went on to say he had “good feelings about her all day.”

No matter how much viewers might root for this pair, the chemistry didn’t seem equal on both sides. That was disappointing. Lindzi seemed to really adore Ben, but Ben lacked some fire and passion. She doesn’t make him nervous. Maybe she feels too predictable, safe, or even “too nice” for what he’s looking for. All in all, I kept thinking that Lindzi and Ben would talk on the phone after the show, and maybe actually find a way to become friends. (And if they are able to be friends, is it because they’re both so mature, or because there was never any major fire between them? They did seem almost like great siblings who were bonded…)