Ben Flajnik on The Bachelor guaranteed we all start off our Tuesdays on a bad mood. Who did Ben pick? If you don’t want to know, then don’t keep reading.

the bachelor 2012

Quite a bit of this romantic reality show can end up being incredibly cruel. And an awful lot is also depressing. The Bachelor 2012 finale didn’t disappoint in terms of making us feel a little worse about life in general. (Which, we suspect is why so many people are upset that he picked Courtney. America disagrees, so they’re annoyed.)

  • Seeing Lindzi arrive, realizing all of the Bachelor spoilers were true. “Noooo,” America cried out to the void.
  • As Ben talked about how he had concerned about Courtney’s character, they showed her walking and stopping to pet a cat.
  • “This Year’s Love” being played. That song is how many years old? (And yet, not quite old enough to be a classic.)

More below.

  • “Somehow that big old Matterhorn gives me hope.” – Ben
  • Lindzi had to console Ben more than he had to console her. And she had to navigate rough terrain in heels and without her coat. (Bonus: We are so glad that she didn’t crumple or fall apart there in front of Ben.)
  • Ben didn’t seem to have any real feelings for Lindzi, instead she was the one he could afford to string along and hurt.
  • Courtney wore a black dress and black elbow length gloves, like a true villainess.
  • “Today I have to say goodbye to a woman that I’m in love with.” Why does he have to propose on the same day he says goodbye to someone?
  • “If Ben and I get engaged, I know it’ll last forever.” – Courtney. They’ve since already had a split and had to give back their Neil Lane engagement ring.
  • “I’m a good person, and good things happen to good people.” – Courtney Robertson quotes
  • Courtney won over Ben’s sister (who said she was a good judge of character) and his Mom.
  • Ben started off being this funny, cute ideal guy to date. His bad judgement has turned him into someone we think is moronic, shallow and just needs to get a damn haircut.
  • “I couldn’t be more excited.” – Ben, sounding like he’s drugged on Sudafed
  • Ben’s fake-out of making Courtney think he wasn’t going to propose. That gave us hope in Ben for a second.
  • Courtney Robertson’s biggest reaction was to the diamond ring, not to the actual proposal. She said “I love it” before she then said she loved him and would love him forever.

What did you guys think of this list?