Happy Valentine’s Day! Let’s start your day off by talking about how one woman was crushed on national TV!

Emily O’Brien scored the second Belize date with Ben Flajnik. “I’m ready to fall in love” was her positive attitude. Courtney Robertson had a much less positive attitude about this date. “It would really make my day if she said ‘I’m going home.'”

Feeling strong in their connection after Panama, Emily was happy to walk around barefoot, bike, hold hands, drink beer, shop and generally be with Ben in a tropical destination. “I feel like I’m on vacation with my boyriend. If only my boyfriend din’t have five other girlfriends…” Man, all of these girls are pretty hung up on this other girl part. Psh.

Deciding they wanted to eat lobster (crab legs are better, ugh), the pair decided to go diving for their dinner. “He’s fun to be around, and there’s something really attractive about that,” Emily shared.

Diving for lobsters wasn’t entirely easy, as they squirm and don’t want to be captured. But they did it. With the power of love! Or just a competitive spirit and some apathetic lobsters.

They ended up dancing in a scene that looked straight out of Dirty Dancing 2: Havana Nights (I never saw it, but I’ve seen the cover a lot.) Someone prepared their lobsters for them (foul!) and they got to sit down and talk.

“What really bugs me about the whole thing with Courtney…” The answer was that they’d missed out on time they could have been talking about “us.” Emily should have stuck to her guns and said that she couldn’t trust Ben fully as long as he was letting himself getting played by Courtney!

Em’s issued a formal invitation for him to come visit her family.

“I really think I’m falling in love with him…” – Emily

She was later sent home from Belize sans a rose.