Who better to spy on what’s going on with The Bachelor 2012 and Ben Flajnik, than someone who was right in the action for the first few weeks? Not only does someone like that get to experience what Ben is like, she sees what the women are like when they’re not with him.

Brittney and her Grandma on The Bachelor 2012. Photo: ABC

On Week 3, Britney Schreiner didn’t feel a spark with Ben and eliminated herself. She gave an interview with People, where she revealed who she feels the front runner’s to win Ben’s heart are: “It’s really clear when you watch who he finds attractive. But it’s still early. Kacie B. is very down to earth and genuine. Emily would be a good fit for Ben. Lindzi and Nikki. They’re all great girls.”

We’ve been a fan of Kacie B. and Lindzi since week 1! But are we doomed to find he falls for Courtney Robertson?