Courtney Robertson has emerged as the villain of The Bachelor 2012. And the things she says are usually said while she has crazy eyes. Make sure to picture them as you review this list of quotes she she said in tonight’s episode of The Bachelor.

the bachelor 2012 courtney

During the course of the episode she went half naked, rejected an apology, and partook in childish antics to keep Ben’s attention on her.

“We will never be friends. No one treats me like that.”

“In real life, we wouldn’t be friends. … I don’t forgive and forget.”

“I don’t take being disrespected.”

“I’m just over it.”

“I want them both to go home.”

“I’m planning on making some private time for us later tonight.”

“I just want to spend more time with him alone.”

“These girls, they are all so prude.”

“Let’s go bikini’less.”

“Gotta mark my territory a little bit.”

“It feels like a one on one date with five other girls around.”

“They’re making it easy on my. They’re so naive they don’t even see it happening.”

“I’ve got to pinch you somewhere.”

“I’ve got moves they’ve never seen.”

“When in Panama…”

“Why not, I don’t do anything half ass.”