Courtney Robertson is making waves on The Bachelor 2012.

the bachelor 2012 courtney

Ben Flajnik can tell that Courtney is beautiful (hey, she’s a model) and it’s a shame he didn’t discover her rude ways on their date.

During week 2 of The Bachelor, Courtney kept telling the other girls that her connection with Ben was already “undeniable” and this was before their one-one-one date.

Lindzi had gotten the first impression rose, but Courtney hates Lindzi. (Oh brother.) Courtney chose to comment cattily, “I think the horse got the first impression rose.”

Courtney won herself a date with Ben and he brought his dog, Scotch, along. They pair went for a drive and Ben’s voiceover said he hoped to see if their connection was “beyond skin deep.” (Gag.)

The duo take a drive and walk in the woods of Sonoma, sharing a picnic near the water. Courtney shares she has been busy “doing her” (trying to be on Jersey Shore?) so she hasn’t been dating. She also said it’s because no one has asked her. (Maybe they got to know her personality first?)

Ben offers a rose to Courtney, and she naturally accepts. He says she is “smart, witty and drop-dead gorgeous” and their date was “normal and easy.”

When do you think Ben will see Courtney’s true colors? (Which aren’t so bright and shiny as he currently thinks they are.)

Our favorite, Kacie, said that Courtney is, “kind of annoying.” After Courtney did her Charlie Sheen impression, we more than agreed.

Now reports are stating that Ben actually proposes to Courtney. Please, no, no, no.