More than ever, Courtney Robertson worked her powers of manipulation on Ben Flajnik on The Bachelor in the most recent episode.

Fully ready to gloat about it, Courtney was awarded the third one-on-one date in Belize. But she also wanted to punish Ben for not giving her any individual dates for a while.

Courtney was flown in on a little plane. Ben apologized for not getting her on a date any sooner, not realizing how upset she’d been. Courtney told the camera that the spark had fizzled a little bit. She was also confused by his feelings for Emily. Earlier Courtney had said to Lindzi that, “One of the best parts of having a boyfriend is that they’re on your side, they’re in your corner.”

Through the jungle, the pair arrived at a huge temple. But who cares about the temple when there’s Courtney drama!

As they sat, Courtney said she was bummed out that Ben had been on a date with Emily. She teased she’d thought of not not accepting a rose from him. This is the subtle pressure and manipulation that girls who want the power will exert when they know they’ve got The Bachelor on the line. And Ben found it difficult to hear about Courtney’s doubts. He wanted to say, “Hey, I’m the one in charge here!” but he couldn’t.

“It’s harder for me than some of the girls, I think,” Courtney said, further painting herself as a vulnerable victim.

Ben said he realized he wanted a woman with a little bit of edge, and who was a little bit weird. He said Courtney was “unique.”

Ben talked about how he realized all he needed with Courtney was just some quality time to reassure her. But she definietly was keeping him on guard, feeling aware of when he picks other women over her.

Every step they took on the temple, Courtney said was like a step in their relationship. Are these metaphors scripted beforehand? Or is it that they’re just so obvious that everyone can pick up on them?

“Oh My Dad, is what I say sometimes,” Ben explained. That was a sweet moment.

“We fit nicely together,” Courtney said. “We’ve re-found the spark.” She dangled the carrot, then let him feel happy again. Very calculated and smart. And they still had their nighttime date left.

She mentioned she would hate to put her Dad through having a guy ask her hand for marriage and blah blah blah. It’s like she didn’t even have to try in order to say the right things to guilt Ben into feeling loyal to her.

Ben tested the waters in knowing how Courtney was getting along with the other girls. She said the girls hadn’t asked them anything about her life, and she’s tried to be nice to them all. (Wow, her nose grew 300 miles.) “I’m so bored by them. They’re just so vanilla. They’re very into themselves. It’s exhausting…” Earlier, it should be noted that she unloaded on Lindzi – and Lindzi listened.

“There’s so much I could say,” Courtney said about Emily. (All of it would be lies, though.)

“They’re wearing me out,” Courtney said. Ben expressed anxiety about Courtney’s ability to connect with others. “Do you know what my job is like? I’m the TALENT,” she said. “I’m not impressed by these women. Or girls. I don’t even believe they’re women.” Ben did realize that Courtney was defensive about it. “One of my fears is being with a woman I like who people don’t.”

“Do I need to put myself through all this to fall in love? Simply, no. … If it was anyone else I don’t think I would have made it this long.”

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