Ben F. will start off his edition of The Bachelor 2012 with 25 ladies to meet (including one Grandmother) and then must cut seven of them. After that, he needs to find his future wife in those remaining nineteen. Think he’ll do it?

the bachelor 2012

For those who loved Ben Flajnik (say it like Flannick) with Ashley Hebert it was heartbreaking to see him propose only to be rejected. Now Ben is ready to put all that hurt behind him to press onward. He still hopes to find a wife he can start a family with. This is why he’s the next of ABC’s The Bachelor!

The Bachelor 2012 Contestants

Amber B., 23, labor and delivery nurse, Port Coquitlam, Canada
Amber T., 29, critical care nurse, Waverly, NE
Anna, 25, student, Detroit, MI

the bachelor 2012 blakely
Blakeley, 34, VIP cocktail waitress, Charlotte, NC

the bachelor 2012 brittney

the bachelor 2012
Brittney, 26, medical sales rep (close with Sheryl, Grandmother), Denver, CO

the bachelor 2012 casey
Casey S., 26, trading clerk, Leawood (wants to have love like her grandparents have), KS

the bachelor 2012 courtney
Courtney, 28, (super confident) model, Santa Monica, CA
Dianna, 30, non-profit director, San Gabriel, CA
Elyse, 24, personal trainer, Chicago, IL
Emily, 27, PhD student, Chapel Hill, NC
Erika, 23, law student, Chicago, IL
Holly, 34, pharmaceutical sales rep, Salyersville, KY
Jaclyn, 27, advertising account manager, Newton, MA

the bachelor 2012 jamie
Jamie, 25, registered nurse (with a difficult young life, having raised her siblings), Dryden, NY

the bachelor 2012 jamie
Jenna, 27, blogger (no updates since August on Jenna’s blog – big “crazy” alert on this one), New York City, NY
Jennifer, 28, accountant, Oklahoma City, OK
Kacie B., 24, administrative assistant, Clarksville, TN

lindzi the bachelor 2012
Lindzi C., 27, business development manager (horse lover), Seattle, WA

lyndsie the bachelor 2012
Lyndsie J., 29, internet entrepreneur, Scottsdale, AZ
Monica, 33, dental consultant (possible bisexual?), Salt Lake City, UT

nicki bachelor 2012
Nicki, 26, dental hygienist (married at a young age, now divorced) , Hurst, TX
Rachel, 27, fashion sales rep. (first to meet Ben F), New York City, NY
Samantha, 26, advertising account manager, Los Angeles, CA
Shawn, 28, financial advisor (single Mom to son, Gavin), Phoenix, AZ
Shira, actress, Los Angeles, CA

(The Bachelor 2012 Contestants Photos ABC/CRAIG SJODIN)