File this piece of The Bachelor news under “Seriously?!” By now you’ve seen the previews for Mondays’ new 2012 episode, and you see that Casey S. is pulled aside by the host and ends up crying. If you want to know why, we can tell you.

It would be too nice to assume that Casey S. is pulled away from Ben Flajnik because of some blameless emergency where she had to leave. (While you don’t hope anyone has an illness or death in the family, that’s likely what your first instinct might have had you assume.) The reality is pretty scummy. The Bachelor 2012 spoilers below…

Casey Shteamer has made it along several weeks on The Bachelor 2012, and she never thought it was important to mention that she had a boyfriend back at home.

Ben’s trying to find love and you’re playing this just to be on TV? Real nice.

Casey S. has not had much air time, but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t spent any time with Ben. He’s kept her on this long, sending others home before her. It’s just tacky. Her boyfriend is Michael Patak, President and CEO of a company called TopStepTrader in Chicago. Shame on you both.

Bonus: Since Casey S. was the one friend that Courtney Robertson had in the house, it’ll be a nice change-up when Casey leaves and Courtney is on her own.