In the showdown between Blakeley and Rachel, what were the determining factors that decided who Ben kept around to woo in another exotic location on The Bachelor 2012?

Blakeley Shea and Rachel Trueheart were both chosen for the two-on-one date. While Blakeley was overjoyed, Rachel was very aware of how dangerous a two-on-one date would be. One of them has to be eliminated in the process. “Two girls, one rose. One stays. One goes.” True poetry.

Blakeley (btw a VIP cocktail waitress = a hooters waitress) was super confident while Rachel was realistic and maybe overly negative about it all.

The more Blakeley talked, the more her Paris Hilton baby voice continued to dumfound me.

Ben mentioned that they were both beautiful and wonderful women. He also noted that it was the hardest date possible on the show. As Deena on Jersey Shore might say, it is not a good time.

But before the drama, it was time to salsa dance at a Latin lounge… which wasn’t a horrible date idea, actually. But this was suited to fun and fancy free Blakeley so much more than Type A Rachel. Blakeley did a sexy version of the dance, and Rachel came off a bit like a brat in trying to be aggressive.

“I think Blakeley is tacky,” said Rachel. (Fair assessment.)

After the dancing, they changed and went to dinner. (It’s worth noting that while they danced Blakeley was in a Barbie pink dress that was kind of ugly, but Rachel was in a blue feathered dress that was pretty – but made her entire body look boxy. Yargh. Super unflattering. I thought it was bad luck.)

“This is the hardest thing I’ve had to do so far,” Ben said about this date. He took Rachel away first. She was determined to show him that she was into him. But that may have been a little late in the game to do that. She was trying too hard in many moments, putting herself out of her natural comfort zone. They could have been a cute couple, but she never really had a chance. He’ll ditch her soon enough. But not yet!

Next it was time for Ben and Blakeley to talk. “For the first time I really feel something. Like I feel it,” she said before erupting into tears. He said she was more open than before, and she did try to share her feelings. She was surprisingly eloquent in saying, “I don’t want to lose you before you even get a chance to know me.” She gave him a little scrap book of her emotions. Which is… totally just what every guy wants!

He gave the rose to Rachel. Blakeley walked out, trying to avoid him. But then she let him have a chance to explain. She cried and I felt bad for her even though I don’t like her.

Rachel then appeared very bratty in her camera interview. “Let’s sum it up. I have the rose. Blakeley does not.” It came across very gloaty. Especially considering how she spied on them as they said goodbye. It felt very gross. Rachel, go away.