Blakeley Shea on The Bachelor 2012 seems to have alienated all of the other women contestants but fooled Ben Flajnik into liking her by using her sex appeal and being fake. That’s not even our word. Another contestant called her “Blakeley Fakeley.” Not exactly a ringing endorsement.

On the group date, Blakeley wore a stripped romper that showed ample amount of leg and of cleavage. She did not make a good impression on the kids, and was cast as the Gingerbread man.

Words used to describe Blakeley on the show (said by other contestants in this Bachelor week 2 episode) included: agressive, desperate, cougar, full of sh*t.

Blakely displayed an arrogant attitude by saying, “There isn’t really any competition between me and anyone else.” Much like Michelle Money did in her season with Ben Womak, Blakeley was obsessed with getting a rose. It was her mission. She flaunted it once she did, and then commented on how she hated when other girl were jealous.

Why does Ben Flajnik like her?! Is he blinded by her… assets?